Dear CUPE members,

On Tuesday of this week, the Conservative Government of Alberta served notice that they will be introducing legislation to change our pension plans.  This means we could get to see the legislation as early as Wednesday.

They are proceeding to cut the very modest pensions of front line public employees without any consultation or negotiations with the people most affected.

We expect the bill to be debated in the Legislature next week, at least two of the three opposition parties are committed to fighting its passage.  We need to again call on our locals and members to turn up the pressure on Conservative MLAs.

Please make arrangements to notify your members of this development and ask them to contact (and even re-contact) their MLAs and make their displeasure known.  Please ask them to visit and send another message to the Premier.  And please continue to organize and participate in any public demonstrations against this legislation and this government.  We have to let the Conservatives know they will pay a political price for their actions.

In solidarity,

Marle Roberts, President
CUPE Alberta